My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 28. I decided to have my car detailed. I paid 85.00 for an excellent job from a really good detail guy locally. I had Will drive me around yesterday while it was getting done. After I got it back at 2:30pm, I went to my 3:30pm meeting 4 blocks away at the Chamber of Commerce. My meeting lasted until 5:05pm and I decided that instead of going back to the office I’d head directly home.

I headed up to University and then took 1st street for my last jog home. I came over a hill and there were several cars lined up below waiting on someone to make a left turn. I couldn’t stop in time and I rear ended a lady. She then rear ended a lady and the domino effect began. I don’t know what was going on at that moment to make me not stop in time but none the less I did run into her and I do admit to that. I got out and made sure everyone was okay and only about 500 people that I knew passed and saw me standing out on the road. Attached are picture of my car that is now being towed to Dallas for a tear down. Estimates will then be provided and they will tell me if the vehicle is totaled or not.

Wreck 328i

328i wreck Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i

On the bright side I had a wonderful group of people over for my birthday last night and I ended up being able to take my mind off of the event for the most part.

Aggregating RSS Feeds

Pull from several RSS feeds on a high traffic site for too long and you’ll wonder if there is a better way. Fortunately for you there is. Aggregating your RSS feeds solves several problems for both you and the source of the RSS. First it reduces the bandwidth required from both the source site and your site. Imagine a site that gets several requests per hour. Now imagine this site pulling from another site via RSS every time that a client loads the page. The result is the same data getting pulled over and over again. There is a better way!
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A beginners guide to programming

I read a lot of tutorials on the Internet. One thing that always fascinates me is the large amounts of tutorials for programmers in the intermediate and advanced stages. Some are on the border of bad programming and I believe this has to do with the poor programming methods learned in the beginning. Simple things like code structure, even though it doesn’t seem like it at first, can drastically improve programming skills.
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Safari Tip: Open targeted links in a new tab

Before I got my Mac I was a die hard firefox user. I used firefox for almost 99% of my web browsing. Even before I was a firefox user I was a die hard keyboarder (I hate slowing myself down by using a mouse). When I got my Mac Book Pro in 2007 for the Webmaster Jam Session, I soon found that maybe safari was a better choice for my keyboarding habbits. While firefox (in many ways) works the same on all operating systems, one little thing drives me crazy about it on the mac. It skips over several form elements while using the tab key (Drop Downs, checkboxes, radio buttons). This is what drove me to use Safari.

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Calendar Math

Calendars are sometimes the most difficult thing to design. I think the main reason is the complex set of variables that are needed to be handled. With each month comes a different number of days, a different starting day is always an obstacle too. Another difficult situation to some is the previous days in the first week (prior month) and then the days that are in the remaining days in the last week (next month’s days). Sometimes we tend to over think certain programming tasks. We think about how difficult it will be to figure all of these things out at once to make the perfect calendar. This leads me to the creation of this article, a simple way to use math to develop a calendar.
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