Dell 3115cn Scanner Support for OSX Lion

Several requests about getting the scanner working on their OSX Lion install with the Dell 3115cn have made me write this post. Some have had trouble getting it to work through SMB. So here goes instructions on how to get your scanner working with OSX Lion via FTP. Please note that this doesn’t actually work the way one might first expect. When most people think of connecting a scanner to a computer they think of the computer doing the work by prompting the scanner to do the scanning. This isn’t actually the case with the 3115cn. It has the ability to do a scan server which is how we will set this up.

Setting up the computer
Step 1:
Open up System Prefs and find your computers IP Address under “Network”. *I recommend you set this manually or set it with a sticky static in your router so that you don’t have to continue to go in and change the IP information inside the printer.*

Step 2:
Open terminal and type the following command:

sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

Step 3:
Close the terminal. At this point create a shared folder inside your documents (or anywhere else you’d like) called “Scans” by opening finder and Right clicking and selecting New Folder and naming it scans:

When complete you should see the following:

You can test by going to terminal and typing ftp and see if you can login with your short name and password. Once you are logged in type cd Documents/Scans and see if it lets you browse to that directory. You can even place a file in the folder and see if it is there using the “ls” command.

Setting Up the Scanner

Now that we have this working we’ll move on to configuring the Scanner of the Dell 3115cn. I assume you know the IP Address of your scanner (as far as I know you’re scanner will not work via USB with the Mac so You’ll have to give it an ip on the network). In my case I’ve setup the printer on so that it’s on the same network as my machine. Open up your browser and type the ip you set for the printer into the address bar. You’ll see a Dell Printer Screen showing how much toner you have available. At any time you are prompted with a password enter Admin with a blank password (unless you’ve set it to something else)

Step 1:
After opening the browser click on the Address Book Button (this is where you’ll be prompted for the password as stated above).

Then navigate over to Server Address button and then click on the Create Button for 01 (if not in use … if it is move to 02 and so on). Also be sure you are on Server Address and not on E-Mail address (although you can setup a simple SMTP Connection there to allow for emailing you scanned files, although this requires a little mail server knowledge and requires you to goto Print Server Settings -> Print Server Settings -> Email Alert (but that’s for another tutorial))

You’ll see the following information:

The following Information should be entered:

Name: Any name you’d like to call this on the printers console screen.
Server Type: Tick the radial for FTP (The Default) since that’s how we configured it.
Server Address: Enter your ip address for your computer here (in my case from above)
Server Port: 21 is the default FTP Port and should be entered here.
Login Name: Your “Short” username for your OSX account (ex: cpierce). This was the account name you used when you setup your Mac.
Login Password: Tick the Enable Password and enter your account password as entered above).
Share Name: Leave Blank.
Server Path: Enter “Documents/Scans” (without quotes).

Click apply New Settings button. You’ll get an Engrish style message saying something about “updating the data and operate it again later”. You will then see the following Screen.

At this point goto your Scan option on the Console of the Printer and try to scan. I hope this helps someone.