Basketball Fun

My son decided to be on the basketball team this year. At first I thought this was a terrible idea but as time has went I have found myself really enjoying it with him. He is quite good at getting rebounds and several people have commented on that. He hasn’t gotten the shooting down so good yet so we decided to buy him a basketball goal. Instead of us buying it for him he decided that he wanted to save his own money and buy it. After selling a few of his farm animals to earn the cash he bought a new basketball goal for our house. We went out an played on it the other day for about an hour and had a lot of fun. After dinner Josh W. came over and we decided to go at it again. Here are some pictures from us having a little fun on the new goal.

Chris going up for the Dunk!

The Motion Blurrrr! The approach

He Has Serious Air! HANGING OUT!

My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 28. I decided to have my car detailed. I paid 85.00 for an excellent job from a really good detail guy locally. I had Will drive me around yesterday while it was getting done. After I got it back at 2:30pm, I went to my 3:30pm meeting 4 blocks away at the Chamber of Commerce. My meeting lasted until 5:05pm and I decided that instead of going back to the office I’d head directly home.

I headed up to University and then took 1st street for my last jog home. I came over a hill and there were several cars lined up below waiting on someone to make a left turn. I couldn’t stop in time and I rear ended a lady. She then rear ended a lady and the domino effect began. I don’t know what was going on at that moment to make me not stop in time but none the less I did run into her and I do admit to that. I got out and made sure everyone was okay and only about 500 people that I knew passed and saw me standing out on the road. Attached are picture of my car that is now being towed to Dallas for a tear down. Estimates will then be provided and they will tell me if the vehicle is totaled or not.

Wreck 328i

328i wreck Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i Wreck 328i

On the bright side I had a wonderful group of people over for my birthday last night and I ended up being able to take my mind off of the event for the most part.