Understanding and Creating User Quota with Dovecot 1.2+

The dovecot wiki for 1.2 was an afterthought in my opinion. It seems they were already starting to focus on 2.0 and just kinda threw 1.2+ (The version that comes with debian squeeze) into the Debian 1.0/1.1 wiki located at http://wiki1.dovecot.org/Quota. I read through this a bunch and decided I’d write a little tutorial about how to setup a user quota using MySQL and Dovecot. From what I’ve seen on the search engines this is something a lot of people are looking for. My mail server setup is based on the configuration from http://workaround.org/ispmail/squeeze which provides a great foundation for setting up a stable PostFix/DoveCot/Amavisd-new solution. So all I needed was a few small things to add to make the quota system work (even with the client reporting the quota to the customer).

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Roundcube for your Debian Squeeze Mail Server

I am a big fan of the workaround.org “ISPmail tutorial” for setting up mail servers. It works pretty good and is usually pretty detailed and to be honest, I’ve been using it for years to configure my mail servers under Debian Linux. After migrating to squeeze the first time, I just used the tutorials “Migrating from the Lenny” section to update my server.

I’ve always loved roundcube as well and even in the early days found myself stopping the tutorial and configuring my own copy of roundcube. The new tutorial actually makes mention of roundcube so I was excited when I got the opportunity to configure a new mail server. The only disheartening thing was that the mail server tutorial for squeeze isn’t finished to the point where it talks about roundcube configuration. I’ve set it up many times so I thought I’d try to use the generic debian apt packages and go ahead and document my steps along the way. Here we go…
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