DNS Mailer Scam coming to several hosting clients.

Several clients have been getting this in the mail. The PDF attachment shows a bill owed for $65.00 to DNS Services. At first glance it looks sound enough and DNS is one of those things that seem like something you need if you have a website. The icing on the cake is that they even point out a few things that are familiar including the current DNS (ns.csdurant.com / ns2.csdurant.com in this case), Mail servers, etc. The big things to note here are the items I highlighted in green. Name Server 3 and 4 while they seem to be from DNS services show inactive. Also in the glob of fine print at the bottom you see “You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.” And finally, “DNS Services is not affiliated with your current Name Server Provider. Despite the warnings several clients have called asking if they owe this bill.

Don’t be scammed by these mailings. This information is all available to anyone publicly via a command known as whois. These people are just trying to get your money much like the fake yellow page ad’s of yesterday’s scammers. While these people aren’t really doing anything illegal they are in my opinion performing shady business practices which try to trick people into becoming their customers.

Will hundreds of thousands of people be without Internet come July?

For those of you following the recent fbi.gov news release saying that users could lose their Internet:

I thought I’d give you some details of how DNS works and why you would/could potentially lose your Internet access. Let’s start by explaining what DNS is … Domain Name Services (DNS for short) is basically a telephone book for computers. In simplest terms, it takes IP Addresses ( which are numbers that are easy for computers to work with and matches them up with URL’s (www.google.com) which are website names easy for people to work with. This is done so that when you want to go to a website you don’t have to know what IP address the website is hosted at but just the name itself. DNS does that work for you.

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