Basketball Fun

My son decided to be on the basketball team this year. At first I thought this was a terrible idea but as time has went I have found myself really enjoying it with him. He is quite good at getting rebounds and several people have commented on that. He hasn’t gotten the shooting down so good yet so we decided to buy him a basketball goal. Instead of us buying it for him he decided that he wanted to save his own money and buy it. After selling a few of his farm animals to earn the cash he bought a new basketball goal for our house. We went out an played on it the other day for about an hour and had a lot of fun. After dinner Josh W. came over and we decided to go at it again. Here are some pictures from us having a little fun on the new goal.

Chris going up for the Dunk!

The Motion Blurrrr! The approach

He Has Serious Air! HANGING OUT!

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  1. Josh looks so athletic in that picture! You guys should totally go around town challenging people to a game of 2 on 2.

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