Getting Devonthink Pro Office 2 to work with Snow Leopard

I looked all over the internet and found several articles and posts about how Devonthink wasn’t supported with snow leopard. This is frustrating to me because for the most part it should work just fine. So I started investigating how to get it to work and I’ve got about 80% functionality now. Here is what I did:

Install DevonThink Pro Office from download on the website. After downloaded drag to the applications folder as normal. Then open Devon Think. Upon the first open it will ask you if you would like to install Devon Think’s Add-on’s and Extras. Uncheck all of these and then devonthink will open. Go ahead and enter your license in and test to make sure you can open a few different databases if you have them. This was all working great so I decided to see if I could take it step further.

For the most part, I use Devonthink to take scans of papers on my desk and place them into searchable groups. Its a giant filing cabinet on the computer for me. I like this process to be fast so I turn off the OCR part and then manually OCR and organize from the inbox at the end of the day. But without Abbyy FineReader installed I have no way of doing the conversions to OCR nor are the options even there on the context menus. So the next thing I tried is to install the PDF Services Scripts. This worked without a hitch. I then restarted DevonThink and installed ABBYY as the only option in the Install Add-ons (Under Help Install Add-ons). I don’t really use the sorter and turn it off anyway so I didn’t need to install it, and I also don’t use the Mail built into OSX so I didn’t install that plug-in either. After this I went back and installed Application Scripts and DevonThink Pro Scripts. Both worked but the program does hang when trying to print a pdf directly to devonthink from Safari. I can live with this.

I haven’t tried scanning from my s1500m yet but this is next on my list. I hope this helps someone get to your files at least for reference purposes.

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  1. Any update on this? I am thinking of buying a new scanner and like the s1500m but don’t want to get it now if it won’t work with DEVONthink and Snow Leopard. Thanks!

    • Actually yes. As of the newest Revision this works wonderfully with snow leopard and my s1500m and my s510m DEVONthink guys pushed a great update this time!

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