Dell 3115cn on OSx 10.6+

Many people have contacted me about a 3115cn printer driver for OS X 10.6+. Unfortunately Dell hasn’t released a driver for it, and the old installer packet required Rosetta even in Snow Leopard. On a developer box I installed the driver and then created an install for the 3115cn to work on OSX Lion. I hope I have everything included, but please let me know if you are having trouble with the installer package.   The package is older so it does require you to restart your computer on install.  It also might ask you to repair the printer when created.  Just do it and it’ll print fine.

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**UPDATE – Youtube Video showing install of printer ***

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  1. I just purchased my MacBook Pro and have a lion MAC OS 10.7. I have a Dell printer 3115cn. I am able to print but not scan. Any help? Please be in detail (via steps) to solve my problem as I am new to Mac. Thank You

  2. Does this allow you to scan? I know the biggest issue facing OS Lion is that you can’t scan anymore with the 3115. Thanks!

  3. I have the 3115cn setup to scan via Samba to the network drive and then Turn on that said network drive via File Sharing in Preferences. This works fine for me but has to be on the network to do so. The biggest problem they have is they don’t release drivers that are written in 10.7 format. This causes us to have to do as I did and create files that will install parts. However since I’m not dell I can’t provide support and/or service to these drivers and don’t get 100% functionality the way they would.

  4. Hiya – I tried downloading and installing, but it seems Lion can’t find the driver after install. Any pointers on how to “find” the driver?

  5. @Jakob Steinaa

    If the printer is IP Based goto System Preferences, click on the printers and + printer icon. Go over to IP and type the IP Address into the address bar. Then select the Printer using select printer software and choosing 3115 in the Filter. It should be the only driver labeled “Dell MFP Laser 3115cn v3015.103 PS” … I’ve confirmed this works so i’m unsure if you still have problems after this.

  6. Hey Cpierce, I totally appreciate the info. If I would to re-install Lion again (I removed it solely because I lost functionality of my 3115), what steps would I have to take to ensure scanning and printing would work? I don’t care taking the extra step. Currently, my printer is on my home wireless network, set up on a 192.168.x.x, and works fine with not only my Mac, but all other PC based computers. It is currently setup on my Mac in IP print mode. Any detailed instructions would be beneficial, as I would love to re-install Lion and use some of it’s key new upgrades, such as iChat and Mail.

    My biggest concern is to ensure I can still scan though. And it looks like you’ve mastered it. Any help would be great!


  7. @raffi

    We just went through this with a customer this week. Just run the package and then follow the steps to add a printer and pick it through the select driver options. I’ll post another article about how to setup network scan on these Dell Printers. That way you can have it work 100%. The network scan is robust and works with both FTP and SMB which mac supports both natively.


  8. Chris,
    Sounds awesome!! I’ll re-install Lion right now. Can you post a link to the article in regards to getting the scanner to work? That would be great. Thank you.

  9. @Chris

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. Yes – the printer is IP-based. However I am doing just as you explained yet the driver still isn’t there. I’ve tried reinstalling the package, but with the same outcome.
    Do you know where the files are located – perhaps I can point directly to the driver and disregard the list?

  10. Chris! Great news. Upgraded to Lion, and the printer works just fine without installing your package! Shocking… I think it is because I already had it on IP based. Only thing that is NOT working is the scanning. Patiently awaiting your instructions to make that work! Thanks!!

    • I’d probably go ahead and install this driver instead of the Generic Postscript. The generic won’t print in as good of resolution or take advantage of extra memory in the printer.

  11. @cpierce
    It’s working great!! I have all the options and it’s like I never upgraded the system!! hahaha.. only thing I am still trying to figure out is scanning. Sharing is on and the connection is good, but I get that SMB/FTP Error. What idea’s do you have for that to get the scanning up and running?

  12. Chris:

    I’m with Jakob. The Dell driver does not show up on the list at “Select Printer Software …”.

    If I look in Library -> Printers and there is a Dell folder, however,so it looks like the install completed.

  13. I just installed the package, and it works just fine with me, using the YouTube video above. Make sure you select the IP option. That might confuse others.

  14. I’ve been doing just as you so neatly show in your video (once again thanks for your time!), but to no avail.

    As Ronbo, I can also see the folder, but which files should be in the folder? I have an .icc file, two .plugin and .icns and DellSecureFilter

    raffi: Did you do a clean install or an upgrade of Lion?

  15. Hi!

    From the very beginning my 3115cn works fine with my iMac (OS X), but of course (as Dell provdies) it is not possible to use its scanner functionality. Is there any suggestion how to get the scanner work under OS X or is it as hopeless as Dell says? Does anyone have a TWAIN driver for OS X or does know where to get it? I would pay for it, because I like my printer and otherwise I have to sell it on ebay or somewhere else. A sad option …

    Thanks so much for replies.

    Cheers, Alf.

  16. @suckingspider
    I am waiting for cpierce to provide us with his instructions to get the scanning to work. Right now, all the functions, minus the scanning, are working just fine on my Mac. Just patiently waiting for the scanning instructions.

    @Jakob Steinaa
    I first upgraded, found out that the printer wasn’t supported, so then I did a clean format, and re-installed Snow Leopard. When I found this website, and cpierce’s instructions, I did an upgrade through the App Store, and the printer was still working, expect, the scanning dropped.

    Cpierce said he will post something about getting the scanning up and running. Just waiting for that.

  17. FYI – I’m working with an out-of-the-box MacBook Air with (10.7.1) Lion pre-installed. Followed the video exactly and everything looks like it is in the right location … however, no luck finding the driver via “Select Printer Software …”

  18. Hi there, I’m having the same problem with my new iMac (10.7.1) Lion pre-installed after after adding the printer, the software is not found in list.
    I hope you have a sollution for this problem, I will be ever thankfull!!

  19. apparently a fresh install causes this. I will release a fix for it today. I’ll do a fresh install as I’ve been needing to for a while and figure out what the problem is.


  20. Hi there,
    I just moved to MAC couple of days ago, and desperatly trying to print on my 3115cn !! Discovered all your interesting discussion here … but unfortunatley I am having the same issue as Jakob: the driver does not appear in the list …
    Can you help ? I will be greatful for ever …
    Thanks a lot,
    Regards from France,

  21. Thanks for working on this, Chris! I, too, am missing the driver from the list. Using ‘Generic PostScript’ in the meanwhile…

  22. @cpierce
    Hi Chris, did you already find some time to work out a sollution for the fresh install thing?
    Can’t wait to see my dell printer work on my new iMac…

  23. Update: Scan post is now up for the 3115cn and should work very good for most cases. Please use it as a guide and not a Walk-thru so that you can customize it to your likings. Secondly I’m going to be formatting a computer tomorrow and will test the scan install on a fresh install and see how to fix the problem with everyone else. Bare with me while I do this and try to get you guys up and printing. In the interim I do know you can use the generic postscript driver although you won’t get the quality or any of the options (Toner check, Duplex, Memory Usage).

  24. Just joining the conversation. This is great. I am switching from a PC to MAC Book Pro. Non-trivial. I am having the same problem with the printer not appearing in the list. Thanks for all of your work.

  25. Hi Chris:

    Found your site while searching for driver for 3115. I followed the instructions, but get the following message when I select the driver. “Some of the software for the printer is missing. You may have to reinstall the software to be able to successfully print.”
    Next Message:
    “The software for this printer was installed incorrectly. Please reinstall the software from the manufacturer.”
    This is the first time using this printer so I did not have it working on Snow. Any help would be appreciated.

  26. I followed the instructions and had a successful installation but got the following message.Some of

    the software for the printer is missing. You may have to reinstall the software to be able to successfully print
    The software for the printer was installed incorrectly. Please reinstall the software from the manufacturer.

    Any help would be appreciated – Thanks

  27. Hi Cpierce!

    I just did a clean install of OS X Lion and followed your steps, but i can’t get the drivers for the printer to show up in the selection: “Select printer software”.
    I’ve tried rebooting, reinstall of your package, but nothing works. Please help!

  28. Hi there,

    I found a french website that gave me the advice that drivers for the Lexmark printer work very well with Dell since they are identical on the inside. And since Lexmark apparently are better at updating their drivers I found that the drivers for Lexmark X560n work perfectly with my Dell 3115cn. So now the problem is solved.

    Here is a link to the Lexmark drivers download page:

  29. @Jonas
    Super info! Thanx a lot!!! I’m lacking the correct memory setup (640mb) but other than that the driver works like a charm.

  30. Hi CPierce thanks for your help on this.

    The process of the install changed with the new download. On the destination select, (second prompt) instead of asking for the hard drive It now asks “Install for all users of this computer but then does not allow to hit the continue button? Thus stopping the install process.

    I appreciate you and your help.

  31. Hi cpierce, I was very happy to find your webpage for this driver.
    I just did a clean Lion install(10.7.2) and unfortunately I still got the messages as seen in one of your earlier releases.
    “Some of the software for the printer is missing. You may have to reinstall the software to be able to successfully print.”
    Next Message:
    “The software for this printer was installed incorrectly. Please reinstall the software from the manufacturer.”
    Any thoughts?
    Appreciate your effort and time you spent on all this.

    • not sure what the problem is can you take a screen shot and email it to me (chrispierce at gmail dot com)? That would be very helpful. Also a step by step of what you are doing as I have installed this on multiple clean and upgrade installs and haven’t seen this issue.

  32. @cpierce
    Ok, I will document every step I have followed.
    It’s exactly according to your guide. Initial install works ok. Then when I add the printer, it already automatically finds the driver, I click next and it gives me the errors.
    I shall email you the screenshots.

  33. Hi Chris,

    Once again thanks for your time – I seem to be getting the exact same errors as DOz. Did he send you screenshots? Otherwise I can do it.

  34. Hi Chris,
    I never thanked you for your work! I’ve just upgraded my iMac to Lion and your driver works like a charm!
    So thanks a bunch for your time and effort – you’re the man!

  35. Chris, thank you for picking up where Dell slacked off. Shame on Dell for not taking care of their customers. Many thanks to you for saving my investment in the 3115cn. You have my my e-mail address … please use it to send me your mailing address and I will send you a check/money order to thank you for your work.

  36. The Dell 3115cn driver published by works (limited functions) with Dell 3110cn too. Thanks! (I made a donation). Ed

  37. Hi- I am using my Dell 3115CN with my MacBook Pro through a wireless network connection, and have no problems printing. I cannot scan, however. I am not terribly technically advanced, but wonder how I am printing without your upgrade. Does it work with the scan function as well?

  38. Soooo i work at a business where the printer is on an active directory and protected by username and password. How do i enter those credentials to allow logging in?

    • are you talking about for installing the printer on your local machine or for scanning support? If scanning support see my other blog posts about the 3115cn.

  39. i can install your .pkg fine but when time to select printer software the list box is blank unlike on your youtube video – we also had this working pre power failure (how could that be related?)

  40. I’m sorry, but for me the driver doesn’t work. I’m running OS X 10.7.4 (11E53) on a MacBook Pro Core i5.
    If I want to change some printer settings I open the printer dialog and there are two “Unsupported PDE” entries in the list. When I click on the “Unsupported PDE” I got these messages:
    1) ‘The bundle “DellSecurePrint PDE” couldn’t be loaded because it doesn’t contain a version for the current architecture.’
    2) ‘The bundle “DellJobAccount PDE” couldn’t be loaded because it doesn’t contain a version for the current architecture.’

    I try to use the DellJobAccount PDE from another Dell driver (2115cdn), but this doesn’t work too.

    Do you have any suggestions for me?

  41. Thank you immensely for your work! This fix got my Dell 3115cn printer working quite a bit better on my brand spanking new IMAC. I love my new IMAC…but loved my printer just as much…now I get both! THANKS!

  42. Update: Printing with the drive above works!
    Other Problem, history: I updated my System from snow Leopard to Lion, then i installed the driver – printing works! But while trying to scan the MFP says SMB/FTP 016-781. I don’t know what to do, because with a another macbook air it works very well! Thx for helping!

  43. Hi Chris,

    I tried installing your driver package but I got the following error: “PowerPC applications are no longer supported”. Is there any chance you might be able to upgrade your packet so it’ll work without Rosetta? Or is there another workaround for this issue?

    • thats the problem you get with the dell package. Are you sure you tried downloading my package as it was written to get around the power pc supported rosetta issue.

  44. Hi Chris

    I tried downloading your updated file for Dell 3115cn. After the installation it stated it is missing software. Then I tried downloading your original file for Dell 3115cn still no luck. Please help.

  45. Hi, this worked like a charm but I can not find a driver for the Dell 3115cn for Mountain Lion. Maybe you have a solution? Since I left one Mac in the office on Lion I am still able to work but it would be great to find a solution. Thank you!

  46. Hi Chris:

    Do you know why after installing your download driver for Dell 3115cn on 2011 MacBook Pro – OSX Lion – it stated that it is missing some software and could not complete the download?

  47. cpierce – you say same driver works for mountain lion.. but when I double click the pkg I get an “unidentified developer” error. how do I get around this?

  48. Hi Chris
    First i would say you many thanks for your work. Nice that some guys make the work which the owner of the product couldn’t or wouldn’t! 🙂 Your installer for the printer worked perfect for me under 10.7. Now I upgraded to 10.8 and your new installer also run fine. The “old” one will not install the driver on the system.
    Then i tried to add the printer under the system preferences. After entering the IP of the Printer the right driver is found, but when i click add i get the error message “Some of the software for the printer is missing. You may have to reinstall the software to be able to successfully print”.
    Do you have any idea what’s the problem here?
    Much thanks and best regard for your Answer

    PS: How do i send you some screenshots?! It seams that I’m a bit dummy today. 😀

  49. @Scott: Disable the GateKeeper functionality by selecting in System Preferences -> Security -> Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere

  50. Thanks for this driver, did work perfect on Lion.
    But, after updating to Mountain Lion (10.8) it seems that driver can be installed. But I do not see any installed printer driver after relogin.
    I also tried to do a manual install using “/usr/sbin/installer”, but could not see any errors.
    Any ideas?

  51. Hi Chris – I’ve got a Dell 3110n … running the OS X. The installer package freezes at the 2nd step (I can go ‘back’ but not ‘continue’) Any thoughts?? Thank you!

  52. how do i get the ip address of the printer? i’ve reset the wireless setting many times but now do i get it to hook up to my wifi?

  53. The first file didnot work after it was installed
    The secound download did not eve install
    What now I’m running 10.7.5 os
    Thanks Billy

  54. Have Lion and Mountain Lion.
    a) Having issues getting 3115cn to work on Mountain Lion – is there a driver yet?
    b) Cannot find using means to set the wireless card – the wireless menu activates if a wireless card is inserted but it has no option to set SSID or wireless password (Dell told me to go and buy a PC to install the printer!!!)

    • a) no I haven’t created an installer for Mountain Lion.
      b) The setup is pretty complex but can be done by programming the wireless card through the Utility the easiest. The best recommendation I can give to do this is to use a Virtual Machine software such as VMWare Fusion if you don’t have access to another computer (PC).

      • on b you might also connect to the printer adhoc (to it’s dell scan) and then change the settings out and have it connect to your wireless network at that point.

  55. Hello Chris,
    Thank you for your work on the Dell MFP 3115cn driver for OS X.
    You definitly safed my life. I had to solve the printer issue at a customers office and the only solution was your download. Thanks, and greetings from Austria, Europe. Stefan Russ

  56. Hi Cpierce, thanks for all the great work you’ve done on this issue, I hope you’re still able to follow up.
    In a pinch I recently installed your driver “lion_3115cn.pkg” on Snow Leopard, strangely the max screen brightness dimmed to about half upon install, but reverted to normal after a restart. My question is: is there any way I can undo the installation? Or should it matter? I don’t need to support the 3115 on this system anymore but I’m concerned that the improper install could be a liability for my laptop going forward. Please let me know what to do! Thanks so much!

  57. Hi,
    Thank you for all your work. I set up on Downloaded your 3115 driver for my 3110 and it works perfectly ( if I rename the printer to dell instead of the address then lion doesn’t like it ). I’m really chuffed and would highly recommend this driver.
    Thank you

  58. Thanks for the support. I’ve launched the installer again but do not see any Uninstall options. Do I need to go through with another installation in order for the Uninstall option to show up? I truly appreciate the follow-ups!

  59. Hi Chris, how do I initiate the uninstall process? I’ve launched the installer again and clicked through to the install step, but I don’t see any option to uninstall. I’d really appreciate a word of guidance whenever you have a moment. Thanks so much!

  60. Chris, Your solution worked for me. Thanks! I got the same errors others reported but once I set a static IP address and figured out the correct account name to use all was well. I do wonder what the security ramifications are with the FTP Service running on my Mac? Its wireless to an Airport. My 3115 is connected to the same airport (wireless worked but seemed to be glitchy). Again thanks for your help!

  61. Hi Chris I just tried installing your drivers on my new iMac. i installed the first one and it gives the installed successful message but when I go to print nothing happens. It’s like its not there. I then installed the second one you suggested and the same thing. What am I not doing or doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help

  62. Hi Chris:

    Your solution DID NOT work for me. I followed each of the steps on your youtube screen and when I went to print nothing. It is showing that it is trying to connect to the printer but no printing. I checked the cables (USB) it was plunged in. Not sure where the problem is.

    • if you’d note that we are using IP’s and that USB isn’t a viable solution for this to work. You need to hook it up over the network.

  63. Yes, I had the printer on and connected with both USB and ethernet. Normally when you plug a unit in the system detects the device and prompts for the method of install, but for some reason this hasn’t been the case with this iMac. I am a relatively new user of Macs but I would think the device detection would work the same as any other cpu.

    Please advise.



    • you need to know the ip address and hook it up with that IP address as a network printer. Network printers (in windows and Mac) aren’t typically self installed as they are never physically “plugged” in to your computer. They are just another device available on your network.

  64. Oh okay thanks.
    Can you provide some direction on how to look for the ip address and where to enter it in for the printer?
    As it stands, when I turn the printer on and go to system preferences on my iMac and click on the print scan icon it shows the printer as ready, however when I print either from the print tab or by way of file print it goes through the motion but doesn’t print.

  65. Hi, It has worked perfectly for me before but I recently moved and the wireless was not working so I went to setup the printer again but on the 3115cn.pkg install box, it is greyed out at the destination selection so does not let me click on ‘install for all users on this computer’ please help?

    • the download links are dead. they no longer link to any files and i can not find them anywhere else on the internet. can you please fix this?

        • Hello Chris,
          I found your website by looking for a solution to connect my Macbook Air OS X Yosemite to the printer dell 3115cn.
          i dont understand if i need usb cable or only wireless..
          Do you have and article step by step how to do it? any help will be very appreciated.

          Thank You!!!’


          • it will work either way. This is just the driver for it so the medium of where it’s connected won’t matter.

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