Posting as your User on your Facebook Page

A very frustrating thing that happens at times to people who have facebook pages is that they want to comment as themselves instead of as their business. Perhaps they have an opinion that would have a different context if it came from the individual instead of the page. Maybe you have multiple admin’s and you don’t want someone to read the post as coming from one of the other admin’s. Regardless of the reasoning, I get asked about this a lot and thanks to some new updates from facebook there is now an easy straightforward way to get this done.

First goto your page. I’ll use my Computer Services of Durant, Inc. Facebook Page as an example here.

Once at your page click on the “Edit” button in the top right corner.

On the page called “Your Settings” from the left navigation you will see a box that reads as follows:

Uncheck the top checkbox on this page and click “Save Changes” to allow posting from your personal account on your page. Now you can post as yourself by default, but what if we want to post as the page like we have done in the past? The solution is simple, from the top drop down menu we select USE AS PAGE and select the page we want to use facebook as. Now we can post as both our page and our individual selves on our page. Simple switch back and forth for this feature by using the same drop down menu. It’s that simple!

Also note you can see what identity you are using currently by what shows up in your upper right corner of your facebook page.

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