Microsoft SQL PDO for CakePHP 2.x running on Linux

Lots of people looking for something like this on the Internet so I took a lot of information and compiled it together so that people can get hybrid style 2.x sites to connect to both MySQL and MSSQL without the need for a windows machine.

Not much to it folks just download the plugin and then set it up according to the git README. I’ve got a few things I have left to do on this including making some changes to the more advanced features that I haven’t fully tested but this should do for most basic things.

6 responses to “Microsoft SQL PDO for CakePHP 2.x running on Linux”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for sharing this! I was trying to use it in my application but I’m getting
    Warning (2): PDOStatement::getColumnMeta(): SQLSTATE[IM001]: Driver does not support this function: driver doesn’t support meta data [APP/Plugin/SybaseDB/Model/Datasource/Sybase.php, line 492]
    Do you know possible reasons why this is happening?
    Thanks a lot!

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