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  1. I installed the Dell 3115cn driver on Mac osx Lion. i had no errors with the installation.
    After the installation i was not able to find the driver.
    I hope that you can help me because Dell failed there customers to give the proper support!!


    Best regards
    Rob Verwimp

  2. Hi Chris,
    I used your download for Dell 3115cn driver. After “add Printer” the system says “parts of the software are missing. Try again” Could there be a fault in your software? I tried it twice. Thanks for help.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Is there already a solution for finding the driver of the dell 3115CN in lion
    downloaded your fix, but i am not able to find the correct driver

  4. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all of your work on the work around regarding the driver for the Dell 3115cn to work with Lion 10.7. Now that we’ve updated to 10.7.2, we’ve been unable to get the driver to work. I’m sorry to mention this to you after all of your hard work but I wondered if there’s a way that you could help.

  5. Hi Chris,

    After making several more attempts, we finally got your current solution to work on Lion 10.7.2. I did, however, adjust some of the steps as I was going through because a few of them did not come up as were shown in the YouTube clip. I am sure I did a muddle through rather than a work through but for now it seems to be working. Once again, your work is much appreciated.

  6. I tried your workaround for the Dell 1500 printer, but it didn’t work. I think it might be because I didn’t run the Dell Printer Driver installer, so some of the infrastructure/file structure needed to make this work is missing. Any help/suggestions?

    This is a Wonderful Thing if I can get it to work!!

  7. Hi Chris,

    Do you have any experience (or advices) which scan software program works with this driver? I have used Paperport (for my Windows computer). There is a program like Pagemaker (for OSX) which almost does the same. Does this driver also activate the scanner in the Dell 3115 CN printer? What program can you advise me?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Devonthink Pro Office is really good but you’ll have to set it to work with the scanned image after the fact as there is no build in software for the 3115CN to scan direct to the system. It has to scan via FTP.

  8. Thanks Chris of your prompt reply!
    As I understood it correctly … I have to scan it manually and import it also manually to Devonthink Pro? In that case, what is the advantage of a program like this?

  9. Just for the records … I’ve a Dell 3115CN. It’s already installed according to your description food printer and scanner (thank you for that!).

    I have used Paperport (for windows based systems). What I’ve read on the internet is that PageManager is a look-a-like for the Mac. But does the printer driver connects with the program like PageManager or DevonThink …..


    • The paperport won’t make it connect the printer. the advantage of Devonthink is it can OCR the scanned image and it can organize your scans. As for something to connect to the Dell 3115cn from Mac the only way I’d know to do it would be using VMware or the such with unity. But that isn’t really what you are wanting either.

  10. Hello Chris,

    i have got a Dell 3115cn and a new iMac running on 10.7.3.
    Will your driver software make it possibel to use the dell as a printer and a scanner as well?
    And by what connection? Only by usb or by wlan (network) as well?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Chris,

    I just got a new mac and am running 10.7.4. I can no longer print to our Dell Laser 3110 cn by IP. I tried various things found on the web and came across your page, particularly the driver for the Dell 3115 cn. I was going to try that but saw you mentioned making a driver for 3110 specifically. Did you get a chance to do that and/or can I just use the 3115 driver?

    Thanks much – really appreciate it.


  12. I tried the 3115 driver but it also does not work. I keep getting the “printer is busy” message. I wonder if there could be another issue responsible? I can see the toner levels, and can print to my new wireless printer at another location. I have also tried a generic driver, a lexmark driver…

  13. Chris,

    Thank you very much for your tutorial on setting up the FTP scan with a Dell 3115cn. I used to have this setup properly but something must have changed. Have you ever thought about writing a tutorial for email setup? I am on a Mac, and I have just recently started having issues with my SMTP setup for scanning directly to email. It is very odd. Have you experienced anything like this recently? I am using my MobileMe account for my SMTP.

    Thank you in advance for your help and time.

  14. We have updated our Mac to 10.7.5 and have been unable to get our Dell 3115cn wireless to work. I used your download and it appears everything is set up. We keep getting the message “printer is busy”. Any ideas? Dell knows nothing. Thanks!!

  15. Thank you thank you for your instructions for setting up FTP with the Dell 3115cn. Do you by ay chance have instructions for email setup? I had it working at one time but cannot get it to work anymore.

    Thank you for your time.

    • I have had much luck using the email feature but you have to have a client that supports sending mail on port 25 and you have to make sure your provider doesn’t block that port.

      What provider?

  16. I downloaded the installer for the Dell 5100cn printer for Lion, written by Jeff, but it doesn’t work. My computer (2006 Mac Pro 10.7.5) won’t even see the printer in the hardware list or find it in System Preferences.

  17. hi! thanks for your post from years ago…re: driver for dell 5100cn colour laser printer…it worked a treat, even for mountain lion. 🙂
    Hopefully it will work for the next OS, Mavericks, when it’s released…
    Just wanted to ask whether you know if its author, Jeff, will develop another driver if Mavericks doesn’t support the printer…does he still have the same printer? If he doesn’t I fear there’ll be no hope for it as i couldn’t find any other place on the web with a driver for the printer. even Dell said there was no such thing!
    hope to hear back 😉

  18. Do you have another post that shows how to set up the Dell 3115cn to scan to email. I went through the users manual and the only tricky bit seemed to be what smtp to put in. Will it accept an open smtp like ??? if not what should I put there. I’m going to a friends place to help and want to have that as an options as well as your ftp solution. Thanks in advance.

  19. I am using PayPal WebPaymentsPro (WPP) Component for CakePHP 2.2.5 but its cannot works. please suggest some steps they have to solve problems.

    As per as given steps i follows but given a error::

    Error: The application is trying to load a file from the PaypalWPP plugin

    Error: Make sure your plugin PaypalWPP is in the appPlugin directory and was loaded


    Gajendra Nayal

    • Sounds like it isn’t finding the Plugin … Are you sure you have it named correctly on the app/Plugins folder and that name matches your bootstrap name?

  20. I really would like t get m 3110cn working again with my MacBook. Do you think that the 5100 install will work, or would you recommend some other approach. Please give me a quick call, as i am seldom able to keep up with email.

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