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  • Sonic Wall SoHo updating dyndns.org (dyn account)

    I recently had a Dell SonicWall soho that I could not get to connect to my dyn account for dynamic IP Address updates. After searching the Internet I finally called SonicWall/Dell to get

  • RAID Technology Simplified (Video)

    Latest Video Tutorial to help you understand RAID Technology and how each type of array works.

  • Dell 3115cn Scanner Support for OSX Lion

    Several requests about getting the scanner working on their OSX Lion install with the Dell 3115cn have made me write this post. Some have had trouble getting it to work through SMB. So here goes instructions on how to get your scanner working with OSX Lion via FTP. Please note that this doesn’t actually work […]

  • Dell 3115cn on OSx 10.6+

    Many people have contacted me about a 3115cn printer driver for OS X 10.6+. Unfortunately Dell hasn’t released a driver for it, and the old installer packet required Rosetta even in Snow Leopard. On a developer box I installed the driver and then created an install for the 3115cn to work on OSX Lion. I […]

  • Getting Dell 5100cn to work with OS X 10.7+

    OS X 10.7+ Driver for Dell 5100cn. With the discontinued support of Rosetta the Dell 5100cn OSX driver fails to load. This was always an issue in Snow Leopard as well because I really hated installing Rosetta just for a printer to be installed. 5100 Installer **Update – After installing this on El Capitan it […]