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  • The end of paying for Cable TV

    Today I turned in my Digital Cable Equipment.  I’ve been wanting to do this for some time not because I don’t enjoy watching television but because I feel like we are finally at the era of watching television in a more on demand way.  I’ll get to that part in a second.  Before giving up […]

  • Installing Teamviewer over Remote Desktop

    Having a TeamViewer unattended host on a server is a million times better than remote desktop in many situations. First off screen resolution by default isn’t an issue. Secondly you can also let someone else see what is going on with the physical server. Today I came across an interesting thing. We had remote access […]

  • Microsoft SQL PDO for CakePHP 2.x running on Linux

    Lots of people looking for something like this on the Internet so I took a lot of information and compiled it together so that people can get hybrid style 2.x sites to connect to both MySQL and MSSQL without the need for a windows machine. Not much to it folks just download the plugin and […]

  • Heartbleed test on debian servers

    Interesting note after installing the patches to Debian servers for Heartbleed you need to restart any services that are dependent on SSL. Even though it says you do not, the Heartbleed bug remains until services are restarted manually.

  • Paypal Web Payments Pro for CakePHP 2.x

    For a while now I’ve been using Paypal Web Payments Pro. I also use the cakePHP framework almost exclusively and have written several pieces of code for it. My most recent code was a Component used to access the NVP Methods of the WebPaymentsPro API. I had released this code on BitBucket, but then decided […]

  • DNS Mailer Scam coming to several hosting clients.

    Several clients have been getting this in the mail. The PDF attachment shows a bill owed for $65.00 to DNS Services. At first glance it looks sound enough and DNS is one of those things that seem like something you need if you have a website. The icing on the cake is that they even […]

  • The reason site design turns bad.

    Website design has been around long enough by now that you would think there wouldn’t be so many terrible websites out there. Today I thought I’d discuss my opinions on why so many of these still exist and continue to exist. I’ll be honest with you as well, I’ve even created several of these monsters. […]

  • Making images [IMG] look nice with CSS Styling

    Photos are all over the internet. Someone [or some thing] puts them there with HTML code most generally. This is usually done with a piece of code in HTML known as . The img tag as we’ll refer to it in this post is most generally used to display images on a page but often […]

  • Being Charitable in a Slow Economy – A look at both sides of the coin

    As a business owner and a community volunteer I love helping our local community as much as possible, however, it seems as if I’ve recently noticed a catch in the system. Non-profits most generally operate on funds provided by the charity of others. They have fundraisers and events, and they take the money raised on […]

  • Baby Jensen is Here!

    7lbs 12oz born at 6:20am on June 6, 2009 Mom and Baby are both doing well!