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  • Baby Jensen in 4D

    Yesterday (On my 8th anniversary) we took a 4d Ultrasound of the new baby. We got some really good pictures and really great video. Enjoy. Video of the New Baby Jensen!

  • Basketball Fun

    My son decided to be on the basketball team this year. At first I thought this was a terrible idea but as time has went I have found myself really enjoying it with him. He is quite good at getting rebounds and several people have commented on that. He hasn’t gotten the shooting down so […]

  • My Birthday

    Yesterday I turned 28. I decided to have my car detailed. I paid 85.00 for an excellent job from a really good detail guy locally. I had Will drive me around yesterday while it was getting done. After I got it back at 2:30pm, I went to my 3:30pm meeting 4 blocks away at the […]

  • Website Update

    Ok so I updated to wordpress 2.7 …